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Location of Conference

Rožňava is a town in Slovakia, approximately 71 km by road from Košice in the Košice Region, and has a population of 19,120.

The town is an economic and tourist center of the Gemer. Rožňava is now a popular tourist attraction with a beautiful historic town centre. Archaeological finds show that the region was densely settled by miners as early as around 1200. The first written mention stems from 1291, the royal free town status from 1410. The Roman Catholic diocese of Rožňava was founded in 1776.

Rožňava is regional capital of Gemer, is a former mining town. According to local legend, the town was established after a wanderer in the area dreamt of gold while napping in the nearby hills. When he awoke, he began digging and struck gold. To mark the area, he placed three red roses on the ground, giving Rožňava (which is derived from the Slovak word for ‘roses’) its name.

GPS Coordinates: N 48.658361 E20.531126


Transportation for advance notice request from Košice to Rožňava will be provided.