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The town is an economic and tourist center of the Gemer. Rožňava is now a popular tourist attraction with a beautiful historic town centre. The town is an episcopal seat. It has above all food, textile and remnants of mining industries.

Rožňava is regional capital of Gemer, is a former mining town. According to local legend, the town was established after a wanderer in the area dreamt of gold while napping in the nearby hills. When he awoke, he began digging and struck gold. To mark the area, he placed three red roses on the ground, giving Rožňava (which is derived from the Slovak word for ‘roses’) its name.

On 13 September 2003, Rožňava was visited by Pope John Paul II.

The centrepiece of town is the Miner’s Square, where a 17th century watchtower stands. Other key sites include a Gothic church from the 14th century, a baroque church from the 17th century, and the Evangelical Church from the 18th century. The Mining museum on Šafárikova ul. is also worth a stop.

At the end of the 15th century arose todays well known urbanistic structure of historic center of the city, built out from the largest medieval square in Slovakia, surrounded by boastful bourgeois houses and from net of streets. Here are situated most of architectonic city monuments like: renesance guard – tower, town hall, bishop palace, vincentic manor – house, building of late mine chamber, evangelic church one of the rarest classic buildings in Slovakia. The nicest and at the same time the most important monument of the city is a gothic cathedral church Nanebovzatia panny Márie from the 14th century. Historial center can be admired by visitors also from outlook of the renesance guard – tower.

With rich mine history of the city museum, near which is established an exposition presenting colourful nature of Slovenský kras. []

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