ECI'2002 - Fifth International Scientific Conference on

Electronic Computers and Informatics

October 10-11th  2002,  Košice-Herľany, Slovakia

is organized by

under auspices of The aim of the conference is to provide the environment for scientists and experts from academic and non-academic institutions in the field of computer science, and computer engineering for presenting their original research results as well as sharing the experience from transferring theoretical concepts into real-life domains. A particular attention will be paid to the education and to developing an expertise and skills in the field of computers and information technologies in the both academic and non-academic institutions.  All the papers submitted will be reviewed in an international framework and accepted ones will be published in proceedings with ISBN identification.
GENERAL CHAIR: prof. Ing. Milan Jelšina, CSc. PROGRAMME CHAIRS: prof. Ing. Štefan Hudák, DrSc.
ORGANIZING CHAIR: doc.Ing. Ján Bača, CSc. doc. Ing. Ján Kollár, CSc.


Topics of the conference are concentrated on but not limited to the following:

  1. Formal specification of systems
  2. Mobile agents systems
  3. Declarative and object oriented languages
  4. Computer systems architectures
  5. Modelling and simulation of the systems
  6. Computer networks and services
  7. Advanced information technologies
  8. Computer graphics and virtual reality
  9. Database and information systems

Mikuláš Alexík Slovakia
Ján Bača Slovakia
Peter Brezanyi Austria
Milan Češka Czech Republic
Jurij. J. Červak  Ukraine
Viktor Fisher France
Norbert Frištacký Slovakia
Viliam Geffert  Slovakia
Zděnek Havlice Slovakia
Pavol Horváth Slovakia
Štefan Hudák  Slovakia  (co-chair)
Ladislav Hluchý Slovakia
Vlastimil Jáneš Czech Republic
Milan Jelšina Slovakia
Ján Kolenička Slovakia
Ján Kollár Slovakia  (co-chair)
Milan Krokavec Slovakia
Jiří Kunovský Czech Republic
Ioan Mang Romania
Marjan Mernik Slovenia
Bořivoj Melichar Czech Republic
Ľudovít Molnár Slovakia
Pavol Návrat Slovakia
Štefan Neuschl Slovakia
Valéria Novitzká Slovakia
Mauro Pezze Italy
Igor Prívara Slovakia
Ivan Plander Slovakia
Daniela E. Popescu Romania
Zděnka Rábová Czech Republic
Vladimir N.Redko Ukraine
Endre Selenyi Hungary
Reijo Sulonen Finland
Jiří Šafařík  Slovakia
Jan Štefan  Czech Republic
Milan Šujanský Slovakia
Georgij T. Tseytlin  Ukraine
Zenon Ulman Poland
Peter Vojtáš Slovakia



The papers have to be prepared according to the following typing patterns, either using of LaTeX (emTeX or LaTeX2e) or MS Word.

  • LaTeX
  • eci.sty - style file for emTeX (old version of LaTeX working under DOS)
  • eci.tex - guidelines and example for emTeX, producing file
  • LaTeX 2e
  • MS Word
  • Zipped version  of eci.sty, eci.tex, eci2e.sty, eci2e.tex, eci.doc, and eci.rtf  files, as well as the target LaTeX files.

    If some problems and/or questions, send a message to .


    Send the electronic version of your full paper in English language, not exceeding 6 pages, processed using styles for proceedings  in one of the following forms:

    to the programme co-chair Ján Kollár  by e-mail: to be received by March 31, 2002.

    Please don't send hard copy form of you paper, if possible, since then the reviewing process is slightly more complicated.

    Papers submitted must be previously unpublished and not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers will be evaluated by reviewers and authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by June 30, 2002.


    1. Hassan Ahmed, Ladislav Hudec: Host Based Role Based Network Security Model
    2. Mikuláš Alexík: Hardware in Loop Simulation Usage for Control Algorithms Verification
    3. Dmytro Buy, Yuliya Brona: Expressibility of Signature Operations in Table Algebra
    4. Martin Cermak, Vaclav Skala: Space Subdivision for Fast Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces
    5. Jiří Douša: Thread Oriented Discrete Event Simulation System
    6. Vladimír Dynda, Pavel Rydlo: P2P Large-Scale File System Architecture
    7. Vít Fábera, Vlastimil Jáneš: JTAG Communicator Software
    8. Gianina Gabor: Reliability Considerations on the Control System of a Geothermal Power Plant
    9. Martin Grofčík: Simulation of the Raytracing problem on the Data Flow System
    10. Cornelia Aurora Győrödi, Robert Stefan Győrödi: Designing and Validating New Curricula Employing Data Mining Techniques
    11. Ondrej Habala, Branislav Šimo, Ján Astaloš, Ladislav Hluchý: Virtual Organization for Flood Crisis Team Support
    12. Štefan Hudák, Slavomír Šimoňák: Using Petri Nets and Process Algebra in FDT Interfacing
    13. František Huňka: Combination of Hierarchical and Partitional Clustering Using Object Oriented Perspective
    14. František Jakab, Jan Genči, Adrian Čech: Experimental videoserver implementation at Technical University of Košice
    15. František Jakab, Ladislav Samuelis: Some remarks to the implementation of the „Cisco Networking Academy Program“ initiative into the Syllabi at Selected Colleges and Universities in Slovakia
    16. Vlastimil Jáneš, Vít Fábera: The Modelling of the Microprogrammable Control System
    17. Ľudmila Jánošíková, Marián Končelík: Digital Terrain Modelling
    18. Milan Jelšina, Martin Dzuriak: Data Token Queue of Dataflow System Architecture
    19. Milan Jelšina, Vasiľ Vančík: Simulation of Dataflow System Frame Memory by VHDL Means
    20. Jaroslav Kačer, Stanislav Racek: A Method of Java Concurrent Programs Debugging
    21. Jana Klečáková: Grammar with incomplete rules for cross process transferability
    22. Ján Kollár: Imperative Expressions using Implicit Environments
    23. Zdeněk Kotásek, Daniel Mika, Josef Strnadel: Test Controller Design Based on VHDL Source File Analysis
    24. Zdeněk Kotásek, Daniel Mika, Josef Strnadel, František Zbořil: The Identification of Feedback Loops in RTL Structures
    25. Jiří Kunovský, Jiří Petřek, David Řezáč: TKSL/C and Multiple Aritmetic
    26. Jiří Kunovský, Petr Honzík: Definite Integrals in TKSL, Maple and Matlab
    27. Hana Kubátová: DTRE – Digital Testing and Reliability Education Tool
    28. Michal Laclavík, Ladislav Hluchý: Agents as Key Elements for Information Security and Privacy
    29. Róbert Lórencz: Modified Ordinary Modular Inverse
    30. Tomáš Mainzer: Genetic Algorithm for Ellipse Detection
    31. Erica Mang, Ioan Mang, Constantin Popescu: VLSI Implementation of the Rijndael Cipher
    32. Erica Mang, Ioan Mang, Constantin Popescu: Analysis of Some Attacks against Reduced Variants of the Rijndael Cipher
    33. Dušan Marček: Application of Kalman Filter to Saving Prediction
    34. Peter Matej: Common problems in client to gateway  VPN solutions
    35. Valerie Novitzká: Computer Programming and Mathematics
    36. David Podgorelec, Gregor Klajnšek and Borut Žalik: PC-based Volume Renderer by Using Visible Voxel List
    37. Daniela E. Popescu, Corneliu Popescu, Catalin Berce: The Cache Coherency Implementation In A Multiprocessor System
    38. Daniela E. Popescu, Corneliu Popescu, Bonaciu Marius: Some Comparative Aspects about the Logic Simulation of Digital Circuits
    39. Jan Rovner: Component Fault Tolerant Systems in Partitionable Environment
    40. Richard Růžička: VHDL Circuit Description Transparency Analysis
    41. Petr Šaloun: Parallel LR Parsing
    42. Petr Šaloun, Miroslav Beneš: Distance Learning Support Server
    43. Pavel Šaroun: Random Number Generators Based on Deterministic Chaos
    44. Martin Šimka, Viktor Fischer: Montgomery Multiplication Coprocessor for Altera NIOS Embedded Processor
    45. Bohuslav Sivák, Vladimír Siládi, Ján Kolenička: A Special Evaluation of Ordered Sets and the Optimal Parallel Computing
    46. Branislav Sobota, Marek Straka:Visualising Kernel of Virtual Reality System and its Rendering Part
    47. Josef Strnadel: Normalized Testability Measures Based on RTL Digital Circuit Graph Model Analysis
    48. Milan Šujanský, Ľubomír Fašianok: Solution of Data Integrity on Level Information Systems
    49. Tomáš Sysala, Jan Janeček: Java - CORBA Middleware Communication Properties and Optimizing
    50. Martin Tomášek: Model of Communication and Mobility in Distributed Systems
    51. Georgij E. Tseytlin: Algebraic Algorithmics: Theory and Applications
    52. Peter Vaclavik, Jaroslav Poruban: Object Oriented Approach in Process Functional Language
    53. Andrey V. Vdovichenko: The Features of Intellectualized Search Systems: Classification and Contrast RU–UA Searching Systems
    54. Miroslav Vidiščak: Distributed Programming in PFL using MPI
    55. Jaroslav Vlček, Zdeněk Votruba: On Hybrid System Tasks
    56. Vadim Yu. Vinnik: On Formal Models of Pattern Matching
    57. Svetlana I. Yaremchuk, Lidia V. Ruduyk: Practical Solution of the Problem of Rectangular Physical Field Sources Arrangement in Rectangle
    58. Olena A. Yatsenko: Constructing of Syntactically Correct Parallel Object-oriented Programs
    59. Mirko Zadravec, Borut Žalik, David Podgorelec: An Algorithm for Constructing Geometric Buffers of Simple Polygons
    60. František Zbořil: Simulation Languages for Agent Systems
    61. Doina Zmaranda: Predictable Real-Time Control Systems Design Using The Cyclic Approach and PLCs


    Accepted papers will be published in a volume of the ECI 2002 proceedings, provided that presented by at least one of the authors.

    Final version of paper processed using styles for proceedings  must be delivered to organizing chair Ján Bača  both in a hard copy and electronic form due August 31, 2002.


    Conference Programm - details

    The official language of the conference is  English. The detailed conference programme including the list of accepted papers and the time table of presentations will be provided to participants.


      The time for oral presentation will be 15-20 min including 5 min discussion. Both head projector and beamer will be available. In case of beamer either PowerPoint 2000 or Acrobat Reader may be used. Poster presentation is not supposed.


    The registration  fee covers postage, the stay in Herľany including food and coffee service during the conference, accomodation since October 10th to October 11th, 2002, and the transport by bus from Košice to Herľany and backward.

    Registration fee:                 2200,- Sk   or   55,- EUR
    Conference proceedings:     800,- Sk   or   20,- EUR


    The producers and commercial companies are welcome to present their products and/or services that conform with  the conference topics. The exhibition will be held at the same premises as the conference.
    Please contact the organizing chair doc. Ján Bača to discuss the details.


    Košice is the city with ancient history. The first signs of inhabitance  can be traced back to the end of the older stone age. The first written mention of the suburb can be dated back to the year 1230. The oldest guild regulations were registered from the year 1307 and the city received it’s own coat-of-arms in 1369, as the first city of all over the Europe. Since the beginning of the 15th century the city had been in the leading post of Pentapolitana - which was the alliance of five eastern Slovak cities. From 1347 to the beginning of 18th century Košice has kept the post of the second city after Budin in the monarchy. In 1657, due to the economical, administrative and political importance of the city, the first university was established; later the university was converted to a royal university and then to a judicial one.

    The conference will take place in the village Herľany, a tourist attractive location near Košice. The largest cold water geyser in the Europe spurts its mineral water up to 28 meters above ground for about half an hour each 33 hours. It was found first in 1870 during works to gain source of mineral water for spa. We hope you will enjoy visiting this unique place in Eastern Slovakia.


    The First Announcement and Call for Papers of ECI'2002 in rtf form can be found here.


    Paper Submission March  31st 2002 deadline
    Notification of Acceptance June  30th 2002
    Final version due: August  31st 2002


    Registration form


    doc. Ing. Ján Bača, CSc.
    Katedra počítačov a informatiky
    FEI TU Košice
    Letná 9
    041 20 Košice
    tel.: +421-55-602-2573