CSE'2008 – International Scientific Conference on Computer Science and Engineering is already 8-th event, organized biannually. It has been formerly designated ECI – Electronic Computers and Informatics.

The second change is that CSE'2008 will be held in the High Tatras in the year 2008.

CSE'2008 is organized by

Department of Computers and Informatics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Technical University of Košice

in co-operation with

The conference is a forum for exchanging ideas, presenting original research results and sharing the experience from transferring theoretical concepts into real-life domains by scientists and experts working in Computer Science and Engineering.

Main themes of conference are as follows:

  • The Role of Specification Methods and Computer Languages in Software Development
  • New Trends and Practices in Computer Architectures, Networking and Security
  • Advanced Information Technologies

More specific orientation of the conference can be found in Topics.