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Scientific conference
with International participation
October 14-15th, 1999 Herľany
The aim of the conference is to provide the environment for scientists and experts from academic and non-academic institutions in the computer science area for presenting their original research results as well as for sharing the experience of the education in the field of computers and informatics in the both academic and non-academic institutions.   

Organized by  
Department of Computer and Informatics 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of  
Technical University of Košice.
General chair: Prof. Ing. Milan Jelšina CSc.  

Organization chair: Doc.Ing. Ján Bača , CSc.  

Program committee  
    1. P. Brezanyi, AU
    2. J.J. Červak, UKR
    3. M. Češka, CZ
    4. V. Fischer, FR
    5. N. Frištacký, SK
    6. L. Hluchý, SK
    7. P. Horváth, SK
    8. V. Jáneš, CZ
    9. J. Kolenička, SK
    10. J. Kollár, SK (chair)
    11. J. Kunovský, CZ
    12. Ľ. Molnár, SK
    13. M. Pezze, IT
    14. I. Plander, SK
    15. D.E. Popescu, RO
    16. E. Selenyi, HU
    17. R. Sulonen, FIN
    18. J. Štefan, CZ
    19. G.T. Tsejtlin, UKR
    20. Z. Ulman, PL

  • Science and research 
    1. Theory of informatics
    2. Computer systems and supercomputing 
    3. Information technologies
    4. Computer networks and services
    5. Computer graphics and virtual reality
    6. Database and information systems 
  • Education
    1. Curricula
    2. New methods of education
    3. Specialized laboratory building
     Official languages  

    The contribution text must be written in the English  language. For the spoken presentation at the conference may be used English, Slovak or Czech language.  

    Paper submission  

    Send a full paper (max. 6 pages in English language) in one of the following formats:  

    • plain Postscript file
    • MS Word 6.0 document
    • RTF file
    to the e-mail address: to be received by May 31, 1999 

    Papers submitted must be previously unpublished and not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers will be evaluated by  reviewers and authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by August 15, 1999 

    Accepted papers will be published in a special volume of the CE&I proceedings. Just presented papers will be published. Camera-ready versions in a specified format for the proceedings must be delivered both in a hard copy and electronic form due September 15, 1999.  

    Contact address  

    1. E-mail address for paper submission: 
    2.1 The address for camera-ready version:  
    Doc. Ing. Ján Bača, CSc.  
    Katedra počítačov a informatiky  
    FEI TU Košice  
    Letná 9  
    042 00 Košice  
    2.2 E-mail address for camera-ready version:  

    2nd Announcement and Call for Papers of CE&I   
    Call for papers of CE&I (.rtf) 

    Styles for proceedings of CE&I Conference  

    All camera ready papers have to be prepared according to following typing patterns, either using of LaTeX or MS Word.  

  • LaTeX 
  • MS Word 
    • cei.doc - guidelines and example (MS Word 6 format) 
    • cei.rtf - guidelines and example (RTF format) 
  • Zipped version  of cei.sty, cei.tex, cei.doc, and cei.rtf  files 
  • If some problems with LaTeX and MS Word files, try to download zipped version, and use pkunzip Ceizip to get the files above correctly. Otherwise send a message to  

    List of accepted papers  
    The list of accepted papers is accessible here since August 15, 1999 

    General information  
    1.  Registration Fees 
    The registration  fee covers postage, the stay in Herľany including food and coffee service during the conference, accomodation since October 14th to October 15th, 1999, and the transport by bus from Košice to Herľany and backward. 

    Registration fee:                 1600,- Sk   or   50,-USD  
    Conference proceedings:     800,- Sk   or   25,-USD